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Parallel to this has been the loss of cunning and witchcraft traditions with the success of modern medicine and the meeting of needs both perceived and created by the machinery of capital. The work of the Romantics now seems verbiose, florid, distant. This leaves those of us who have experienced, witnessed and provoked non-ordinary events ministered to by the pharmaceutical industry and storied by Hollywood movies and Netflix. This is a poverty of ideas, and a failure of ambition most unbecoming to the Luciferian ideal. The fact of community and cultural collapse along with alienation, individualism, chronic stress and trauma explain the problems with what could be called third wave Satanism.

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Indeed, if we are able to parade wearing the signifiers of the anti-church, to congregate openly, then it is a sign of the weakness of our position. Statues of Baphomet are a sign of the banalisation of occult wisdom, a process perhaps unwittingly begun by LaVey with his Ayn Rand brand of carnival spectacle. I want no part of this. High church Satanism collapses with Catholicism and the Latin Mass, a trend exemplified by Vatican 2 — and the liberalism of John Paul and now Benedict.

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There are exceptions to this trend, notably Poland and in terms of the Orthodox Church, Russia. The export of Evangelism from the US to Africa and the status of South America are more complex questions I will not pursue in this talk. The rejection of Catholicism and the search for the sacred was also very much the project of George Bataille whose life straddled two world wars, and his lover Colette Peignot also known as Laure who died in a bloody coughing paroxysm of tuberculosis in In them Marxism encountered the challenge of Nietzsche via their personal histories; in the case of Laure, sexual abuse at the hands of a priest and literal church burning in the Spanish Civil War, linking hands with the workers to prevent the fire brigade getting past.

In the case of Bataille, in his past as a prospective monk and priest. They recognised that Marxism was an erotic failure, it had failed to anticipate Freud, and worse, Fascism was able to exploit this absence and fill it with the spectacle, an idea we also find in the work of Guy Debord and Alice Becker-Ho. The moral policing done by the Social Justice Left in the US makes the same stupid mistakes as classical Marxism but adds to it bourgeoise pearl clutching and unexamined protestantism. Bataille follows Durkheim in positing a dual aspect to the sacred: the malefic, disordering and contagious alongside the benevolent and ordering.

For Bataille the sacred is nature at its greatest intensity, which violates the world of the profane to destroy rationality with ecstasy. The sacred for Bataille is a practice aimed at the renewal of the individual and of society. Bataille, Leiris, Caillois and Peignot sought a sacred sociology, seeking to understand the irrational transformative energies at the heart of the sacred.

It locates death as the source of the sacred, it finds the answer for the creation of a new world in excess, in the festival or community ritual. We can recognise this in the Mass or Sabbat.

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Luciferianism cannot afford to ignore the work of these luminaries or the questions they posed, as they are still relevant. He also pre-dates the internet, and the technologies of control that must be part of contemporary Luciferian discourse. The point I wish to emphasise is that as an engine of diabolism the Catholic church is done, though its symbols will still elicit a response and provide an outer form for the traditions of the anti-church. Yet the sacred endures, if we can find an inner orientation and not be wedded to appearance over substance.

German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk opines, 'It will be advantageous for the free spirit to emancipate itself from the anti-Christian affect of recent centuries as a tenseness that is no longer necessary. Anyone seeking to reconstruct basic communional and communitary experiences needs to be free of anti-religious reflexes. We too need joy, love, light in a manner that does not compromise our embrace of the sacred in the averse. Therefore, where I differ from Sloterdijk is that I still see the ritual efficacy in the transgression of religion in order to attain to such a position.

We still need our excommunication, our Black Mass, our rite of passage. I spit on the cross, deny Christ, trample the host, but then laughing am free from them, I do not have to keep repeating it and thereby tacitly accepting it as the source of my power. It is this change in global culture that has the New Right building compounds and conspiracies, a frightened attempt to return to the bubble.

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They fear that we are not foam, but just the scum of neoliberal globalisation. I would rather see Aphrodite emerging from such foam, by which I mean to learn to celebrate our victory and the challenges it brings in a world where the bubble of Christendom has burst. I propose an experiential and theological response to the end of the age of oppositional Satanism and a new phase in the work. Where better to make such a proclamation than in America, the land of new ideas, of youth; this is the magical reason for me being tempted across the Atlantic. I suggest that we are a dismembered community, but one which can gather, speak freely, break bread and drink wine together.

In doing so we can consider what exactly are we left with? Is there any meaning at all in the absence of the old enemy?

One response is endless infighting, and the creation of internal enemies; therefore I am critical of ideas and not individuals. We have more in common than in difference, especially when we meet in physical space. The internet is a source of conflict, as its key metric is engagement, which Jaron Lanier, a one-time digital utopian, now sagely points out.

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So we must ask, after the manner of Baudrillard, in simulation of Baudrillard, what do we do after the Black Mass? Yet to ask the question implies that we have partaken in the Mass, in the orgy. The liberation of Baudrillard, the Black Mass that the culture has celebrated, exists for the most part only in the digital, where our dirty secrets are catalogued by the watchers of the NSA for some future inquisition. The actual freedoms, those which we enact, are being systematically curtailed as the simulacra sprawls over our retinas.

As a ritualist, and as a species we are all homo ritualis , we need to have explored our transgressions in the psychodrama of performance, not in order that they become a new orthodoxy by which we are ultimately jaded, but to know ourselves as free individuals. The most effective modern example of this was the work done by the individual Coyotes, Kalis and Edens in the Temple of Psychic Youth. In contrast, the Satanic Bible gave permission to dominate and seek power, to acknowledge one aspect of self-knowing of which ritual was perhaps the least important part compared to the production of aesthetics for the mass media.

Though we may engage in the formal traditional reversals, particularly in group settings that require a shared symbolic language, it is the personal Black Mass that must be our aim, and increasingly so once we accept the painful truth that the hegemony of Christianity is over, le Roi est Mort, the King is Dead, Christ is dead, the State is dead, Satanism is dead. It may be convenient to meet beneath the shadow of the cross, but we are rushing towards the singularity, an omega point, an apocalypse for which there needs to be a new approach, a reappraisal of where the sacred lies.

To answer Baudrillard, what do we do after the Black Mass? First we must celebrate it, and do so thoroughly by finding the sacred. Then we must live and embody our practice in perpetual revolution. But how to communicate such a revelation? If there is a common language to be sought it is not in sovereign texts whose meaning has been obliterated, deconstructed in the manner of Jacques Derrida, cut-up in the manner of Gysin and Burroughs. In the war with control our strategy needs to be urgently updated, and though God is dead, we really need to talk about angels and ecology.

Bible study is important, both because it is the text that has been used as the source for the majority of our operative magic, has sown the field of Western culture upon whose bread we have been raised, and perhaps most critically, it is because the text itself has been lost.

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This has made us prey to invisible forces of the submerged narrative. The stories have been replaced on the one hand by consumerism, and in the counter-culture with an ill-conceived and reactionary Satanism that is often flattering and an intellectually trivial backwater. My aims are however contra Jordan Peterson, I do not want to rescue and repackage the Bible as Jungian wisdom for a generation of lost boys.

What I find fascinating are the counter narratives often preserved in the polemics and curses which enable a diverse response to the monoculture in terms of ritual praxis, art, culture and the resistance and resilience of individuals and communities as we get deeper into our own age of apocalypse.

What we see through the lens of angelology, calibrated by critical theory, is that the Bible is not a bound text, but a wild text incorporating the apocrypha, the commentaries, but also sites, stones, artefacts, and the weather. We can benefit from the revolution in biblical scholarship which understands that these texts are embedded in the wider cultural context of the Ancient Near East. Patterns emerge, entities and classes of entities are seen to both persist and transform, right through to present time; and this is how we begin to hunt our angels.

It is these extra-canonical elements that enable us to read Revelation in particular, a text that makes no sense without an understanding of the fallen angel traditions.

It is wild text theology that characterises my exegetic and ritual approach. If texts have failed as arbiters of final truth, are the product of unreliable narrators and not the word of God, we are liberated from a single reading and able to function as gnostics; that is the bare minimum we need to take from postmodernism and critical theory.

We can enter into the narrative and transform it through our interaction with the forces which it reveals but whom it fails to accurately portray. Can we produce a taxonomy, a classification of these beings? The Cherubs in Ezekiel have human and lion faces and are associated with wheels set with eyes. The six winged Seraphim of Isaiah have been described as fiery serpents, speculatively related to the Royal Egyptian Uraeus serpent, but that may be inaccurate. A stone relief excavated from Tel Halaf in Syria has just such a six winged creature, a plumed goddess who grasps twin serpents.

The carving shows a marked Babylonian influence and indeed it can be argued that the angels are a Babylonian import. Readers of my Lucifer: Princeps will further know that these divine messengers are the returning Mighty Dead as birds of prey in Canaanite religion, the epiphanies of lightning and storm, particularly for the Phoenicians, and when finally othered, gain the heraldry of the goat and serpent from Leviticus and Genesis to become the chimeric Devil, or devils, of the Middle Ages. If we are looking for a leader of these angels it is provided by Helel Ben Shahar of Isaiah whom the Septuagint names as Lucifer and combines the Asael and Shemhazah figures of the Enoch books.

The park has a typical mixed forest of Douglas-fir, western redcedar [see below], grand fir and bigleaf maple. It is easily recognized by the stringy bark, droopy branches and scaly leaves.

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Booking : To book the group picnic shelter or camp site call The Kerry Park Recreation Centre payment by Visa, cash or cheque. About 3 km brings you to the Cowichan Station village. Cross the bridge, keep right and at the top of the hill turn right onto Tigwell Road. Natural History Bright Angel park lies within the Coastal Douglas-fir ecological zone where, in the lee of the Vancouver Island Mountains, summers are warm and dry and winters mild and wet.

Hours : Dawn to dusk. Facilities : Playground, Walking trails, Excellent river swimming, Picnic areas, Ball field, Group camping, Group picnic shelter Booking : To book the group picnic shelter or camp site call The Kerry Park Recreation Centre payment by Visa, cash or cheque. Subscribe to the Bush Telegraph Mailing list.