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And then there's the matter of the sasquatch. Words: 18, Published: May 16, Stuart Glassman is back for another wild and wacky adventure. This time around hist ghostly friend Robert has cooked up a "Jekyll Juice" potion that actually works! He consulted with the ghost of the real Dr. Jekyll to figure out how to do it. As if the monster potion wasn't bad enough, a wandering mummy is after Stuart's friend Brenda. Words: 61, Published: November 29, Cara has brought her grandmother's message - "The Wanderer is weary" - to the Queen of the Unicorns.

Now she has a new task: she must fetch her grandmother to bring her back to Luster, the world of the unicorns. The journey will be dangerous, but Cara has a unicorn guard. Words: 33, Published: July 19, As she makes a desperate journey across Luster to reach "The Old One" she meets and befriends the Squijum, the Dimblethum, and the rebellious young unicorn Lightfoot. Over 6, 5 star reviews on goodreads! Words: 2, This spooky story tells what happens after the careless Duffy leaves his jacket in the woods.

Both funny and scary, it is a favorite of many storytellers, and the most reprinted of all my short stories. What's the Worst That Could Happen? Words: 4, Published: December 27, The tragically hilarious tale of a boy named Murphy Murphy, and the pain he endures at being Words: 7, In the world of Luster, the dwarf Grimwold, keeper of the Unicorn Chronicles, is summoned to tell an important tale as part of a ceremony that occurs once every 25 years.

It is the story of Alma Leonetti, and her quest to discover why something sweet and precious has disappeared from old Earth. Words: 32, Published: July 5, For lovers of the dark and spooky, a collection of a half dozen of my most frightening short stories, starting with "There's Nothing Under the Bed" - my personal choice for my all time scariest. My editors says it still gives her nightmares!

First time this particular group has been gathered in single collection. Also included: a new introduction, and notes on the genesis of each story. Words: 11, Published: March 16, There is an old tale of a maiden turned to a dragon, who can only be restored to human form by three kisses from her brother. The question is, what happens next? Once you've been a dragon, tasted blood and ridden the wind on leathery wings, can you ever really go back to being a mere human?

That's the question that May Margret must answer, after the third kiss. Published: November 4, Edgar Twonky didn't intend to get eaten by a giant while he was heading for Cottleson Fair. Sometimes these things just happen.

What was even more startling was what he discovered and learned once he was in the giant's mouth. What happens when a perfectly proper princess becomes fascinated by a fairly stinky goblin? Well, among other things, a trip to Nilbog, the underground world of the goblins. Not to mention advice from an ancient gobliness, a ride on a very large frog, and a trip to the Lake of Fire! Words: 6, Published: October 14, Harley Burton stumbles into Mr.

Elives' Magic Shop, where he finds a strange mask that will lead him into a horrify Halloween adventure. Nina "Nine" Tanleven and her friend Chris Gurley find themselves stranded in an isolated old house on a country road. They're not surprised to find that the place is haunted - they've had a lot of experience with ghosts already.

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But can they help this ghost find peace in only one night? Words: 3, Published: September 10, The aliens have arrived, and they're offering us a deal that might be too good to say no to. Or is it? What is the balance between freedom and safety, between control and protection? When nothing happened I picked up the remote. Mom shook her head in disgust. Change the channel, Johnny. The woman was still there.

I changed it again, and again, and again. No matter what channel I turned to—and we get of them—the blue woman was still there. I had no idea.

You've Reached the End of Sample

But a strange feeling—some combination of fear and excitement—was starting to blossom in my stomach. Finally the blue woman spoke again. That is because the message I bring is for all people, and it is important that as many of you as possible hear it. However, what I have come to tell you will not make sense unless you know two things. But part of me was too scared for that. I wished that Dad was here. But he was gone, a victim of the air-quality crisis that had killed so many people the year I was thirteen.

The blue woman spoke again. I will now prove that to you.

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Please do not be frightened. This demonstration is just to help you accept the truth of what I have to tell you. I noticed that her hand was shaking, which made me feel better about my own trembling fingers. Before she could pick up her cup, the light went out. Not the lights. The light. Darkness was everywhere, as if the sun itself had disappeared. It was a light loss.

Suddenly the light did, indeed, return. I rubbed my eyes and blinked. Glancing across the table, I saw that my mother was white with fear. The television was on again, the blue woman back in place. Also, it reminds me of how my father died. But Mom and I went anyway, as did most of the people in our development. We had taken only a few steps outside the door when Mom looked up and gasped. I looked up, too. The gray sky was nearly blotted out by a fleet of enormous red ships.

They hovered above us, not moving, as if suspended by invisible cables. I wondered.

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Some people were crying, some screaming. The man next to me crossed himself, and the man next to him fainted. We have wonders to show you. My mother leaned against me as we walked back to our door. The way she was trembling made me angry at the aliens. When we were back in the kitchen I saw that the television was showing pictures of the Lyran Starfleet. A news announcer came on, looking terrified.

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The blue-skinned woman took his place. A beautiful world appeared on the screen. No one looked hungry. No one seemed sick. You have many troubles. I had seen all this before, of course. But now I felt my cheeks grow hot with shame. And I was embarrassed because I knew we should have done more to fix them. But we have solved them. That is why we have come here: to offer you our solutions. We have cures for the mind and the body that can take you to a golden age.