Manual Kgalema Motlanthe: A Political Biography

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  1. Kgalema Motlanthe – A Political Biography
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Ebrahim Harvey presents a superb account of a man characterised by his reticence.

  • The Politics of Method in the Human Sciences: Positivism and Its Epistemological Others (Politics, History, and Culture).
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Harvey provides a rare and thorough insight into this most private and yet among the most powerful of men in South Africa. From here we come to understand the importance of his time on Robben Island and the friendships and alliances he formed there, which would later define his political career.

Kgalema Motlanthe – A Political Biography

In he succeeded Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC Secretary General and the mark of this reserved but often courageously independent politician was beginning to be noticed. Just over 10 years later, Motlanthe had risen to become the third President of the Republic of South Africa, though under exceptional circumstances. It was Gwede Mantashe who said that it was a measure of the man that he could allow a strong critic of the ANC to write his biography.

Cambridge University Press.

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Mbeki — J. Zuma —present M. Mandela — O. Mandela — W. Sisulu — T. Zuma — K. Motlanthe M. Ramaphosa present D. Second Cabinet of Thabo Mbeki — Thabo Mbeki. Jacob Zuma — Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka — Heads of State of South Africa. Vorster Marais Viljoen P. Botha F. His measured; discussant style of leadership was not always appreciated by NUM employees, as some saw this as a sign of indecisiveness p. Mantashe described Motlanthe as a man, "that fakes weakness Motlanthe served two terms as secretary-general of the ANC from to and to , and in typical style was reluctant to rise to the occasion p.

ISBN 13: 9781431404384

During Motlanthe's second term as SG, Thabo Mbeki marginalized him, but Motlanthe denials this, he was also heavily vexed by the lack of accountability of cadres and the ANC deployment to government p. Harvey provides rich detail about this period of Motlanthe's life and Motlanthe supposedly, reluctantly held his tongue on many issues where he disagreed with Mbeki p.

Once again, some in the ANC thought he pondered too long on issues, but Motlanthe saw his position as SG as one that required him to, "think very hard and find means to intervene.. Plato's simile of the cave comes to mind when reading of Motlanthe, as his SG reports tended to stress the ANC's biggest weaknesses and dangers; he was vexed that some saw the ANC as a gateway to personal riches p. At the June Harold Wolpe memorial lecture Motlanthe stated, "the ANC will denigrate further if it fails to carry out a rigorous self-critical review of what eighteen years of its rule have really achieved" p.

Gevisser commented that Motlanthe's role in the ANC can be liken to a calling, "with a responsibility to lead the people because you can see further than them and it is your responsibility to educate them" p. The people must feel the ANC is their instrument" p. Chapter six is a chapter that many people would be familiar with as the factionalism and sediments in the ANC rose to the surface for the nation to see, and most people abruptly came to know of a chap called Kgalema.

Motlanthe, a man who has big qualms and reservations about the process of cadre deployments p.

Motlanthe book not linked to Mangaung - author

Harvey in grappling with Motlanthe's stance on political deployment in chapter six, seems not to garner Motlanthe's own feelings about being a deployed cadre, perhaps Motlanthe saw himself as being skilled and right to fill the "casual vacancy" as the countries president; a "reluctant president". Harvey speculated that the ANC needed someone on the new NEC whom both factions trusted and Motlanthe had tenacious abilities to mediate between the still-warring groups p. He became an MP on the 20th of May, , a minister on the 12th of July and South Africa's third president on the 25th of September p.

In , Motlanthe was deployed as the man needed for the job and he filled the "casual vacancy". In Steven Friedman commented, "he found himself in a situation where if he really wanted to make a mark they would make life hell for him" p. His stoic demeanour and old school principles prevented him to do what was necessary to ensure that in Manguang, his stint filling the "casual vacancy" could offer him a more permanent position as the first citizen in In Chapter 9, Motlanthe's gait on his Lipizzaner stallion picks-up to a gallop, over the hedges and under the branches, in a mad dash to the finish line, where he jumps off; takes-off his hat, and positions himself on the pedestal.