Manual Paul Robeson: Entertainer and Activist; Legacy Edition (Black Americans of Achievement)

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  3. Paul Robeson is being feted at Rutgers years after his graduation
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When handling the mule and fighting to bring in the cotton crop, Danny wanted his grandfather to see him doing it right. His grandparents got a look at the final product after Danny bought them a tape and VCR. In , only days before filming began for Places in the Heart, she died in a tragic automobile accident. But her spirit remained with him throughout the production.

At the end, Moses bestows gifts on the Spaulding household as a way of saying good-bye to a life that might have been. He gives Mrs. At a time I was mourning, it gave me strength. The movie dared to explore several controversial themes. An ensemble of actors, which also included Ed Harris and John Malkovich, led audiences into the great racial and gender divides, carried them through the dark corridors of marital relationships, and toyed with the broad possibilities of what makes a family.

While the Spaulding house is still filled with mourners, Moses comes to the door. After the widow Spaulding takes over financial and physical responsibility for her land, she has to stand toe-to-toe with sexist male bankers and cotton brokers in order to get a fair deal. Gender issues are mixed with story lines on marital infidelity between neighbors.

The film also chronicles the makeshift family that arises in the Spaulding house consisting of Moses, an unrelated blind man John Malkovich , Mrs. Spaulding Sally Field , and her two children. For the efforts of everyone involved, the movie received 11 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, one of the highest forms of recognition in the film industry.

Danny was obviously proud of this drama. Yet as serious as its messages were, he retained a sense of humor about his work. The movie, based on the Pulitzer Prize—winning novel of the same name by Alice Walker, takes an unflinching look at African-American life. Some of its characters, particularly Mister, are distinctively unappealing. Mister is a complex character.

From birth he has felt the weight of his father and the weight of the white world bearing down on him. He vents all his pent-up anger and frustration on his wife, Celie, and her sister, Nettie—who he feels are merely around to serve him.

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Danny took the criticism in stride because, in developing this fictional character, he looked deep into the heart and mind of Mister, and found a unique individual, not a stock character intended to represent all black men. Though the character was distinctly unappealing, Danny brought depth and subtlety to his portrayal of the abusive Mister. Nevertheless, another side of his personality comes into sharp focus when his longtime love, Shug, enters the household.

That dictates how we act, the attitudes we have. If he could maintain that feeling he had when Shug was there, he would be O. In response, he intensifies his mistreatment of Celie for not being Shug and for the loss of his wistful idealism. They worked, they built, they grew!

They were so interdependent. Despite the contentious relationship between Mister and his wife, Mister relies upon Celie to help define himself.

Series by cover

Without realizing it, his attachment to her has become quite strong. In that film, director Lawrence Kasdan cast Danny as Malachi, an eagle-eyed, rifle-toting drifter returning home to his father and sister. Along the way, he meets other gun-slinging wanderers heading in the same direction.

He was already lined up to do a selection of movie, theater, and television projects. It keeps me up and in shape. With his name firmly embedded in the minds of casting agents and directors, he moved his family back to their HaightAshbury home, where the neighbors saw him simply as Danny, the husband, father, son, and brother.

Paul Robeson is being feted at Rutgers years after his graduation

His exit from Los Angeles was not a choice most rising actors would make, but show business was only one part of his life. If he had to decide between an Academy Award nomination and his family, being a father and husband would come first. In a interview, he discussed how his wife and daughter gave him a sense of purpose. I get a certain sense of self out of that, and I enjoy it.

Black Americans Of Achievement: Legacy Edition Series

They were the toughest part of show business for this family man. To ensure that his daughter received enough fatherly attention during her youth, Mandisa often visited him on location. On those occasions, he would take her to museums and tour other notable sites. With a newfound ability to choose his parts, he sought to strike a balance between projects that reflected his social and political beliefs, projects with responsible messages, and projects with the potential to become huge box-office hits.

His response to heated debates surrounding the film version of The Color Purple demonstrates his commitment to maintaining this balance. His mission as an actor and human being is to promote that feeling of empowerment and strength in others.

If you can reach them through music, if you reach them through poetry, whatever way in which you are able to reach them I think is important. What I should do more than anything else [as an actor] is reinforce our belief in humanity.

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Through four films starting in , Danny has played Roger Murtaugh, a Los Angeles homicide detective and family man who is perpetually on the verge of retiring. Packed with explosions, car chases, and characters that dispense rounds of ammunition like candy, the Lethal Weapon movies would never be confused with, say, an Athol Fugard play.

Yet the movies have been extremely lucrative. In addition to the action-filled scripts, much of the credit must go to the chemistry between the two costars, Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. On the one hand you want to applaud the potential of what you believe could be good law enforcement, and certainly the relationship between these two cops, one white and one black, stands out.

We tend to look at these officers as individuals, aside from their work as part of this force of occupation.

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The success of the series has transformed Danny into a huge star and given him the financial security to produce his own films. I read the script and I loved the relationship between the two guys. Usually, we see it the other way around.

The only problem was that the violence was too gratuitous at the end. Danny was performing on stage in Chicago in , when he got the call to read with Mel Gibson for Lethal Weapon. The two immediately clicked. Off the set, the two actors liked each other but had little in common. Danny was well settled with a family, while Gibson was young and still living the single life.

Paul Robeson

We can put that up on the screen with complete integrity. But he has reprised his role largely because the formulaic series has enabled him to make big bucks. And that financial security in turn has given him the freedom to carefully select other roles and to produce films with high social value. One such film is the made-for-cable movie Mandela. Danny played the title role of Nelson Mandela, the lawyer, freedom fighter, and African National Congress leader who was imprisoned for 27 years by the white supremacist South African government.

In the few years they lived together, Mandela was repeatedly arrested for promoting nonviolent protests against the state. Finally, he made one of the hardest decisions of his life—to defend his people by force of arms—when the government continually responded to peaceful ANC actions with murderous violence. Even before taking the role, Danny knew the story of South Africa all too well.

Your leaders have been driven underground, but they will still lead. We will never desert you. I am here to tell you that although Congress is now banned, we will never stop meeting, organizing, planning. The fight, the real fight is only just begun. In this country, there are two worlds—for whites a democracy, for non-whites a colonial power crawling on crutches out of the middle ages. Well, we will make one world and we will bring them into a new age whether they like it or not. Self-defense is a right. I shall fight the government side by side with you, inch by inch and mile by mile until victory is won.

You come along with us or remain silent and neutral in this matter of life and death. For my own part, I have made my choice. I will not leave South Africa, nor will I surrender. Mandela and other ANC leaders were convicted of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment.

She mobilized a youth force to fight apartheid and was jailed for about a year and a half. That experience only strengthened her resolve to end white supremacy.

Paul Robeson 2001 Folk Alliance International Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Such efforts were coupled with a growing international outcry to end apartheid.